Playground of Ideas

Schmiede is a cooperative prototyping environment, focused on the arts, hacking and entrepreneurship. Schmiede is a place where our ideas come to play.​

Schmiede24: Sloth
September 11. – 21. 2024
Apply till May 31.

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Schmiede Print

Hallein, Austria

Take a look and in 5:20 get a feeling of the atmosphere and scope of Schmiede. Meet some of the Smiths, see what they are like and what they have to say about Schmiede. you can also listen to SmithInterviews on SoundCloud

We meet for 10 days...

… in order to get inspired, network, create, present, collaborate and exchange.

We are in Hallein...

... a beautiful location and surroundings helps to focus on your projects and recharge creatively.

What people say about Schmiede:

“When I was at Schmiede and i was sooo overwelmed….  there´s such a positive mood at schmiede

Hanna Perner Wilson  Pulsea, Kobakant

“25 stars – 5 stars each for five years at Schmiede. Changed my life!”

Anna Schauberger 

Die Schmiede ist ein großartiger Treffpunkt im realen Raum für kollaborative Experimente, um tolle Menschen kennenzulernen und neue Ideen zu entwickeln. Großen Dank an das SchmiedeTeam, die sich diesen Traum von Zusammenarbeit erfüllt haben und allen Gästen ermöglichen, daran teilzunehmen.
Monika Fleischmann Monika Fleishmann & Wolfgang Strauss

“In essence Schmiede is a creative exchange. It’s really about doing things.”

Eric WahlforssSoundCloud

“I can’t think of any other 10 days where I’ve seen so much creativity!”

Pete Bennett

“One week of building things, making and thinking about stuff, together with a group of really passionate people.”

Edial Dekker – Gidsy founder, Head of Mobile GetYour

Schmiede is an escape in time, a magical moment suspended in an amazing, unforgettable space – hidden, almost secret, in the heart of rural Austria, but that leaves traces, like the stored salt, and images that stay with you long after you leave.”

Maxence Grugier  –  Rewilding Cultures / Makery

One of the most important contributions of Schmiede is that it allows creative young persons to discover that they are not alone and gives them courage to go further, learning in the true sense. 

Kim H Veltman, Virtual Maastricht McLuhan Institute 

“I was impressed by the intensity of the Schmiede participants as I watched them work on their projects. Clearly this was a very serious and committed group of artists. But, the most impressive thing about Schmiede was the atmosphere of sharing, generosity, creativity and craftsmanship that surrounded me.”

Mark ConiglioTroika Ranch, Isadora 

Got your attention?

Join us for ten Schmiede days, August/September.