subnetTALK  is subnet’s dialogue format where an expert is invited to provide an impulse for a dialogue between art and science.

Art-science collaborations (in English)

What do artists and scientists when they work together on projects? Why are artist-in-residence programmes so important right now? And what do artists have to contribute when it comes to cutting-edge technology? This talk will introduce art-science collaboration and art-tech projects from a process perspective using social scientific approach, and introduce ideas about possible outcomes of such processes. As an example, the talk will also introduce a new project, DIGI-Sense, that brings together dance, performance, digital twins, and robotics in order to contribute to the development of cyber-physical-systems and the knowledge on aesthetics in sensemaking processes.

Claudia Schnugg is an independent researcher and curator developing methodologies for innovation and meaningful interaction with the arts, science and technology, currently based in Wels, Austria. Her academic expertise builds on social and economic sciences as well as cultural sciences. She has been producer and curator of artist-in-residency programs, and catalyst for numerous international artscience projects. This includes projects with partners such as Helmholtz Center Munich, Accenture, Science Gallery, European Space Agency ESTEC, JKU, Pro Helvetia, but also with individual scientific projects, independent galleries and artscience spaces.

Bildcredit:  Jaqueline Godany


one hour – inpulse ca. 20 min, Dialog ca. 40 min.