PIFcamp calling

Our dear friends down south are entering their 8th iteration.  

Please take a look.

Art and Technology Camp
July 31 – August 6, 2022
@ Soča, Slovenia

PIFcamp Application

More information on the conditions for participation, price and registration can be found here.

Get a cheaper entry fee by registering by  March 31st  !

PIFcamp is a one-week art-technological or hacking camp that attracts around 60 diverse artists to the Soča Valley every year. The main purpose of the camp is to develop art projects, tools and concepts based on the principle of community action, DITO and DIY logic and the free flow of ideas, knowledge and experience. Participants from all over the world simultaneously create more than 40 projects in the fields of biohacking, living systems art, makers culture, computer arts, citizen science, wearable technologies, e-textiles, AV practices, modular and vector synthesis, live coding and creative electronics.