subnetAIR calls 2023 till October 31st

Also 2023 subnet got four artist in residence slots on the intersection of art and science.  Deadline is October 31st.

Over the years it was a fruitful art and science cooperation with the Center for HCI.
Due to covid the past two years the AIRs spent their time at Schmiede in Hallein and the cooperation happened at the Saline.

There are two formats:  subnetAIR  and Salzburg Stadt Media Art Grant 

Here are the last subnetAIR exhibits:

subnetAIRs at Stadtgalerie Lehen

2022: Medien.Kunst.Realitäten  open till November 17th 2022

2018: Possible BodiesKatalog

2014: Klanghypothesen Katalog