AkademieAIR: Manuel Tozzi: Romantic Machine: Video

In the beginning there were many words.
Then came the AI and a dataset, now Manuel can just watch his arm do its thing.
We are happy that we could accompany those transitionary steps.

Manuel Tozzi spent his AkademieAIR residency with us in Hallein. His AI in cooperation with his KUKA arm will produce some romantic poetry for our 5th YslandBook (CoWritten book deepening and expanding the Schmiede theme).


AkademieAIR for 2023, theme: Blood, call will go online in spring 2023 and look like this deadline will be May 31st

Before 2022 we used another platform to document the AkademieAIR take a look

all YnselBook contributors and AkademieAIRs

thanks to Matthias Gruber (Fräulein Flora) for the videos.

Schmiede23: Blood
September 13th – 23rd 2023
Apply till May 31st