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Liebes Schmiede-Team,

Ars Electronica hosten zum Ersten Mal den American Arts Incubator-Austria. Aufgrund von COVID wird das Programm online im Rahmen von Workshops und Gruppenprojekten stattfinden zum Thema “Social Incusion”. Das Programm wird von der Künstlerin Rashin Fahandej geleitet und Ende Juli in einer Gruppenausstellung auf internationalen Platformen präsentiert.
Für das Projekt sind wir auf der Suche nach Teilnehmer*innen die in österreich leben und würden uns sehr freuen wenn ihr den Call an interessierte in eurer Community weiterleiten könntet.

American Arts Incubator-Austria:
We are very excited to announce the American Arts Incubator Programm hosted by Ars Electronica challenging “Social Inclusion”.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adapted to an online-only program and launched the open call here:
The incubator will have a focus on AR and VR on the topic of “Social Inclusion”. The program is composed of an artist talk, workshop/skill training, and project development in small groups supervised by the artist and with a small budget for project developments.

Rashin Fahandej’s “Future of Inclusion Lab” is a series of co-creation workshops with the American Arts Incubator at Ars Electronica that provides technology and resource access to a mixed group of Linz-based creatives, including women and local immigrants. Fahandej’s methods take on the lens of “Art as Ecosystem,” creating a network of collaborations with a multiplicity of narratives that investigate social systems and occupy public sites as a critical discourse. The workshops explore social inclusion by investigating new media literacy and by providing access to cutting edge tools and technology to co-create prototypes for immersive and poetic reflections and experiences.

– Artist Talk: July 2
– Workshop period: July 6 – 17 (afternoon sessions)
– Project development: July 18 – 30 (individual schedule)
   After the workshops, participants will be divided into teams and provided small grants to develop project prototypes. Rashin Fahandej will lead teams through the process of developing a proposal, prototyping, and preparing to share their work with the public.
– Presentation on Ars Electronica Home Delivery: July 31 – August 1

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