Farewell to WAR welcome to Sündenbock – 20 years of Schmiede

yes this drag of a year is not at an end but please excuse this short cut.

Thank you to all who made it to Hallein for a very special Schmiede.  It was an island to see you all and enjoy ten outstanding days. I, Rüdiger, would like to finish the 22nd round of this millennium with my current interpretation of

WAR  – Wrong and Righteous  – and on this note we want to welcome our 20th iteration and a year of active reflection:

September 14. – 24. 2022
Hallein, Austria

Apply – till May 31st

Application reply emails will be sent on:
regular: June 15th
late: July 15th
Please check your spam folders

NEW old:
We will take the application offline after deadline.
late application will open June 15th till June 30th.
latelate: we will see, please do not count on it. less emails better.


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