Depart at Schmiede22

What would Schmiede be without Depart and Reverb.On?

Schmiede22: Sündenbock
September 14. – 24. 2022
Hallein, Austria
SchmiedeApplication – deadline May 31st

In the midlife crisis of Schmiede Depart and Reverb.On was a fixture in our process.
The concept was simple: reinterpreting and performing a classic in a freshly created context and ritual. Halting all of Schmiede for an unforgettable evening.

Depart played with large parts of  the Saline and a Mountain and the audience was happily accepting the well meant shenanigans  for outstanding experiences.

Gregor and Leo could do what they could do nowhere else and we got experiences that we have been missing ever since. Situations changed and so  we are more than happy announce:

Depart and Reverb.On will be back  in adequate attire for our 20th anniversary.

A glimpse back to the future:

It all started with 840 repetitions: Gregor Ladenhauf, Leo Lass and Oliver Johnson performing Vexations by Erik Satie

Then miner was transformed into what you have never seen before and how you will never experience the room again.
Together with Richard Eigner, Depart devoted themselves to the piece I Am Sitting In A Room by Alvin Lucier.

Then it got deep, Depart with with 53 Musicians on a lake in a salty mountain performing CHUKWA’S APPROACH according to
Monte Young (“The Tortoise, His Dreams And Journeys”)

The trilogy was rounded up by the Doldrums. A death metal interpretation of John Cage’s 4:33. Earplugs were supplied.

find more Infos on Reverb.On at Schmiede by Depart here.

As an extra Depart performed GLYPH in 2011.
A product of their subnetAIR residency and as it was performed back to back with Delta Aurigae using all of  Boiler we would include it here.

Cloud Chamber Diaries was flown in from the big apple to our small island and much appreciated.

and then there was Alter Ego at Kunstraum Pro Arte

find videos on depart’s vimeo