WeAllWall 2022 in 3D

Our trusted EniMation Brandner wants to take the We All Wall into the next dimension.
(ex: WAW Schmiede21: WAR by Julia Bachleitner)

Over the past years EniMation 3D scanned Smiths, various Schmiede happenings and most of the accessible spaces at Schmiede. This year Eni will focus on the people moving within the Schmiede cosmos.

Upon arrival: All Smiths –  please come to find EniMation quickly (front desk will point you into her direction). A good We All Wall is a hanging We All Wall, the earlier the better.

EniMation will scan you. She promised: it will be painless and possibly also entertaining! Expect imperfection (the machine is flawed!). The 3D scans will be available to all Smiths to freely use them in their own experiments. Use your 3D scan of yourself (face and/or body), for further use at your own discretion. So if you wanna print yourself etc. 

All scans will be printed as 2D images for the WeAllAll 2022. As always we motivate Smiths to add your skills and requests for collaboration as „tags“ to your avatar with old fashioned analog paper.



see you in Hallein.

Schmiede22: Sündenbock
Sept. 14.-24. 2022
Late application will open on June 15th. (deadline July 5th)

pic from Sündenbock on Instagram: Goat escapes