Schmiede23: Blood – Apply till May 31st

Schmiede23: Blood
September 13. – 23. 2023
Apply till May 31.


As every year, since 2003, Schmiede seeks the lightness of joy in play and cooperation. We come together in Hallein to build our ideas, share them with others and learn in the process. This joyful lightness is our highest target, that can also be found in hope, love and art. It is the optimistic affirmation of all that is. Not through hierarchy or judgment but by connection and responsibility we quest to learn, develop and walk together on the playground of ideas.

The Smiths are the participants and family of Schmiede. We are connected, not through blood but by cooperation and tradition.  As we continue into the third decade Schmiede we will take a closer look at the juice of life that connects and splits us for no clear reason.

Process wise Schmiede will happen as it did for the past 20 years, but in a slightly altered apparel, pictures will follow soon on Schmiede’s insta  and fb. The ten days of Schmiede will follow the established rhythm: Welcome followed by networking, inspiration and work leading up to presentation. A collective process of learning by doing, cooperation and exchange.