Gertrud and Marius on ARTE Twist

What started in deep snow at ORTung 2019 in Hintersee during a walk with sounding textiles grew into a Mozarteum and FH Salzburg cooperation. The quality of their idea was recognised right away by them winning the  Research Competition Mozarteum award in 2019. 

Gertrud and Marius then initiated the Textile and Sound lab at Schmiede20: Horses , which was supported by subnetTransferTALK: Textilien und Klang. Gertrud and Marius returned with unfinished business to Schmiede21:WAR and finished 2021 with an online subnetTALK.

2022 started with Gertrud and Marius being awarded the first PEEK funding in Salzburg  and they continued their lab at Schmiede.

Last week they got their feature at the Twist the cultural TVshow of ARTE. 

we congratulate Gertrud and Marius to their successful development.


Schmiede23: Blood
September 13. – 23. 2023
Apply till May 31.


Schmiede Infosession in Salzburg Fr.28.4. @ wax – enorm

Schmiede Infosession in Vienna Mo.1.Mai @ ada