Rewilding Cultures with TTTlabs in Corfu – May 5. – 14.

TTTlabs BioFeral.BeachCamp (BFBC): New Repro-Rebirthing Retreat (NR-RR) – Gestalt Bioart/Bodyart on the Beach  takes place on 5-14 May 2023 on the island of Corfu organized by the Ionian University. TTTlabs BFBC NR-RR focuses on hacking research methods with wetlab Bioart as ‘ethics in action’ including creative audiovisual art mash-ups, novel apparatus prototyping and bio-ferality experiments in performance art.

Exploring advances in new reproductive technology through informal education and DIY methods TTTlabs BFBC NR-RR focuses on understanding ovum and sperm collection, cryogenic storage and speculative artificial womb apparatus design. The aesthetic of TTTlabs BFBC NR-RR is set in a 1970’s retro rebirthing pop psychology thematic, emphasizing ritual process, primal scream therapy, gestalt deprogramming through group performances.

Inspired by the conference series Taboo-Transgression-Transcendence in Art & Science TTTlabs BioFeral.BeachCamps (BFBC) are highly speculative hybrid events of intense co-creation, co-education and co-development.


Rewilding Cultures is enabled by  Creative Europe


and it is application time:
Schmiede23: Blood 
September 13. – 23. 2023
Apply till May 31st
Schmiede Infosession Salzburg @ Shakespeare Salzburg on Fr. April 28th 20:00
Schmiede Infosession Vienna @ ada on Mo. May 1st 19:00