Thanks for all the bloody applications! Here are Ys – <3

Now that I got paper-cuts all over I am forced to point out that I am touched.

Every year the application process is pain, uncertainty and doubt.  In earlier Schmiede I had dreams of standing in Verdampferturm all alone. It took us many years to understand that that is the wrong entrance to begin with and it took us even longer to find Yard.  But as ridicules as this all sounds Saline is just an empty building without you. We are the blood that will pump through our playground in September that laid dormant for years. A huge semi abandoned building  where we wanted to realise an utterly ridicules project to get to another place only to fail and discover Schmiede in the process. This all sounds so off, but you all just made my year so much better.

Let’s enter our third decade together and to many more.

Thank you for joining our journey. Thank you for making this a tradition. Thank you that Schmiede happens to us.

Welcome emails will be sent on June 15th.

See you in Hallein.

Schmiede23: Blut / Blood
September 13. – 23. 2023
LateApplication will open on June 15th and close on July 5th.


and here are some of the reasons why people have decided to come to Hallein in September 2023.  I enjoyed them immensely. Maybe you will as well. Maybe they can help provide context. Some will become a member of the Smith family for the first time, many are returning. I started with a fine selection only to become softer as I read.  Now I would probably include all, but too late decisions were met.

This will be very special year. I already miss Yard, Wood, Miner and all but things must change to remain.  I cannot imagine it as of now but we will make it work as we did in the past 20 years. The new area is outstanding. We will probably miss it in 24.  Thank you to the city of Hallein for giving us the opportunity to switch into these famous halls.


Why do you want to participate at Schmiede?

Because I love it.

Reif für die Insel 

To create something amazing and possibly team-up with other smiths

Because the world needs more Smiths! And because Schmiede is like dreaming of an utopia where we get to collaborate and share ideas as artists. Also, we have to find out where the new yard is

Die Schmiede ist ebenso bereichernd wie anregend, interessant und kurzweilig.

I already participated two times and the vibe of Schmiede is simply outstanding. Looking forward to meet friends from back then and make new ones – therefore for networking reasons, applying my background and skills in a project for the Werkschau and making lots of noise 🙂

I want to do cool projects and want to see my family

can`t wait to see you again!

I’ve never been, I always wanted to go, now is the right time.

I’d love the Idea of a place that can give back to me my creative focus. 

Die tollen Menschen und Sachen.

This will, I think, be my 10th Schmiede. For me, this is one of the highlights of my creative year, not only because of any work I am able to make, but also because of the extended family of Smith’s that I have come to consider one of my chosen families. This chance to challenge myself, immerse myself in making something, and to celebrate alongside my fellow smiths, is a something that fills my heart with joy. So, to answer your question, I’m coming for the joy.

weil ich überzeugt bin, dass es großartig auf der Schmiede ist. Ich habe das kommende Schuljahr ein Sabbatical und würde sehr gerne wieder mehr eigenständig künstlerisch arbeiten, auch in Teams/Gruppen, und ich mir die Schmiede dafür als Impuls vorstellen kann. 

A friend recommend the festival 

I love it and have been missing it heavily.

It have heard it is an excellent experience in a multidisciplinary environment in which to cooperatively learn and further my experiences both within the realms of conceptualization as well as the capacities to broaden my artistic collaborative community

Um ein Projekt fertig zu machen 

it’s the best place to be

Always a great space to experiment, learn new things and meet likeminded people

I saw the presentation about Schmiede in Schakespeare before the enorm-Event and hearing the organizers talk about the project, I felt a strong trust from them towards the artists. Trust is a big predictor for good art for me and especially important in such an open format as the Schmiede is. I heard good things about the project before already, but since that moment I’ve been hooked and want to participate.

Because it’s an amazing experience every time. Schmiede is love, Schmiede is life, Schmiede is family.

The people around us and our physical context shapes the work we do. For the project I’m working on, I want to push the bounds of what has been done before and find ways of stretching beyond. Schmiede seems like the perfect environment for such stretching – there’s nothing quite like being fully immersed in a space with creative people to open new pathways of seeing (and in my case: hearing). I am excited by the space and the community at Schmiede and its potential to impact the way I think and the topics I investigate.

Because I need to see everybody.

Just loving it! 🙂

I would like to integrate group processes and workshops in my artistic practice. I have felt stuck in the materials for some time and I am longing to activate the possibilities of the pieces with more bodies and other thoughts and perspectives. 
I also want to get to know how other people understand artistic practice as I am searching for more ways to be able to keep on having time for my art in the future. 

Because it is always fun!

Because I love the inspiring setting

Letztes Jahr war meine erste Schmiede und es war ein Highlight des Jahres. Der Umgang zwischen den Smiths war sehr wertschätzend, die Stimmung hat Kreativität und Kollaboration gefördert und ich habe sehr interessante Menschen kennengelernt mit denen ich wie gesagt weiterhin Kontakt habe. 

wegen der groupies. 

In the last few years I’ve learned one thing above all: film and art cannot be realized alone. It needs a corrective, a playing partner, to make progress.

Weil es nichts besseres gibt.

because rüdiger told me

Because I like to meet creative people and Rüdiger told me to 😉

To work, to network, to meet and create

I want to work on a creative project, collaborate with others, use the time get new ideas and try out things

Schmiede provides space, time, tools, a heterogeneous group of participants and projects.

I want to work on a creative project, collaborate with others, use the time get new ideas and try out things

Why not 🙂

To participate at Schmiede will be an exciting opportunity for visual and conceptual exploration. I find interest and curiosity in observing and tracing the line of change of space and context from local to general, and how this change can resonate with my personal work. As my interest in digital art grows more each day, I am eager to enrich and gain as much theoretical and practical knowledge as I can.

I expect to be surprised by the experience because as it sounds it is something absolutely unique. I expect to work in a more collaborative environment than what I’m used to which will be a great opportunity to try new techniques and get out of my comfort zone. I guess it will be something I will never forget and will keep me inspired for a long period of time.

Um wieder eine schöne, produktive Zeit in der Saline zu haben.


Because it was too long.

Meet nice People, collaborate 

I enjoyed last years schmiede alot wooo

For the great people, input, output

Feel free to create without any institutional restrictions

It is the most creative hub I ever participated in

For the great inspiration, people, playground for adults-atmosphere 😀

I´m fascinated by the interactions and processes of bringing people together for diverse projects. Schmiede is the perfect place for this – to see and participate in how ideas are born and realized. It is my understanding, Schmiede combines arts and technology, creating concepts and realizing ideas in this 10 days in an carefree environment, where you can really focus. I want to create a work showing what I learned from observing, probably textbased.

I’d like to return and dive into the network of smiths again. I am missing the artistic exchange, even if I was mostly just the “tec guy” – I miss prototyping some pieces of art together with other people and getting it to run after a long night session together. And I am definetly curious whom I will meet again at schmiede from 5-6 years ago.

I’m part of Oktolog in Wels since 4 years now. I learned about Schmiede there. I love places where I can create in community without planned expectations. That’s a mode I work the best! Also I am planning on doing Workshops with the deconstructive card reading and want to test the textile tool I created with interested people. Also I am graving for inspirationa exchange and community. I wanted to come since 3 years now and I’m very happy, that I am finally free for it!

find collaborators for our choir and orchestra project, reconnect to real people after covid, get inspired, show my experiments, and I wanted to for years since I know so many people that did great stuff there.

because it is an awesome time to meet new and old people

I’m very motivated to explore various tools we have and apply them creatively in artistic field and to improve our channels of communication. I aspire to advance our society, in the best possible way I can, and I know it’s impossible to do it alone. My wish is to spend 10 days with inspiring and creative people, connect with them and make something together. I’ve had the experience of attending the ITP Camp @ NYU last year, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I believe Schmiede would offer the similar experience. 

Meeting new, amazing, nerdy friends.

​​Weil mich die erste Teilnahme an der Schmiede letztes Jahr so sehr darin bestärkt hat, kreativ sein zu dürfen, zu können und zu MÜSSEN, wie sonst noch nie irgendwas. 

best place to be

as always the best place to be

To find an artistic balance to my commercial projects.

lovely people

For years I only heard good things. I quit my job as an interface programmer for corporate projects this year and want to reconnect with the scene. And finally I have to the time to plan a long term stay at Schmiede.

To get to know new people and do new things

I want to participate a Schmiede because it seems to bring a diverse set of people together (similar to ) and having a nice vibe to it. I think my skill set is a good match to the projects realized at Schmiede (in the past) and hope to build with others/contribute to Schmiede23.

to continue my art process

Because is an incredible experience of great intellectual stimulation and knowing amazing people. 

I am very interested in different social aspects of theatre, and I would like to try-out and share my hands-on and theoretical knowledge with artist and creators from different fields. My goal is to create an international network for my artistic practice. This is the main reason, I decided to study abroad, the idea and the programme of Schmied coincides with that. Moreover, I would like to develop my different projects for community creating, improvising, learning processes, performing and find the answer for the question: How to apply approaches of theatre to different fields of social necessities and technical developments.


to have a nice, inspiring place to make art and have exchange with other people

Ah, Familientreffen, Sachen machen, etc.

because schmiede ist great, because rüdiger is great, because it would be a sin not to participate 

Schmiede is a lifestyle even if you are just there shortly

rüdiger was so geil im esc 

Because it was amazing last year.

During the pandemic, I have worked two years on a goat farm in Burgenland, milked goats and learned how to make cheese. In this time, I saw the AI generated goat pictures created at Schmiede and decided, that I necessarily want to participate next time! 

because 2019 was really great for creative working and networking with all the other great artists

To come back and meet up

With my previous experience at Deepmay hacker bootcamp and Hackteria, I would like to teach and partake in workshops, and knowledge share with Schmiede participants.

I believe from what I’ve heard that it is a very special space and community for creative practice, inspiration gathering and collaboration. In the past years I went to the Intertonale Scheibbs and last year also to Oktolog Wels. It has been a major resource for me both on a social and artistic level, and I’m curious about other places that follow a similar or related vision of living, being and creating together. 

because I feel, that I should

good question

Schmiede is a special place I need to return every September to meet the smiths and see/hear/feel/smell what they are up to. Smiths are busy and have many ideas worth experiencing. I am a smith and in Smithtember I smith, also smith you. Every smith makes some smith some smith more than other smiths. I want to meet new smith and remelt old smiths. Smith something and see some smith making smithereens. Hammer something get hammered you know the deal. There is also a great sense of community and people are very helpful idea- and craft-wise. Also, the limited setting of 10 days is good to finish something, or at least do the important parts without long discussions or being distracted by the daily life. After the last years at Schmiede I look forward to meeting this special bunch of friends I only see once per year.

a glimpse of hommage, reminiscence & nostalgic thought. i joined schmiede more than 10 years ago with a cinema vertigo visual project. i love collaborations, visuals, and i love the flair & patina of the buildings architecture. i am pathetic, i am romantic & emotional, i am no ai more ei. during the last years, after a felt century running my studioship & doing studio projects i kind of drowned myself in front of screens. i love to use digital tools but i don’t want it vice versa.

I believe that by surrounding myself with like-minded creative individuals, I would be able to enhance my learning and creativity in ways that would not be possible otherwise.

I’ve been at Schmiede 2 times. From the first day I arrived there I felt at home straight away and I’ve felt part of the community ever since, even though I haven’t been able to participate in the last couple of years. My first year I didn’t produce much but explored and talked a lot with as many people as possible and developed further plans and thoughts for an ongoing project I was in the middle of (long distance walking in a business suit). In my second year I had a clear plan but some personal matters intervened so I wasn’t able to pull it off. I’d like to come back and this time focus on doing and making (while interacting with other people). I want to be inspired, make work with and alongside other people, learn things I never knew I wanted to learn, share what I know, play and be serious, connect things and ideas and people and I can’t think of a better place and network to do this than at Schmiede.

I have participated last year at Schmiede and it was a truly exceptional experience. A lot of interactions, a lot of trying out, a lot of prototyping. Met quite a few interesting people. Very nice.

because it frees the mind to be around like minded people to share skillz and collaborate.

to experience, help, share, connect and have a lot of gaudi

I miss you <3


I like the community, and it is a place where I find a lot of inspiration. I like the freedom for creation and the playful approach.

I would like to create new connections in the field of interdiscipline works, share the workrspace and project ideas, applying as far as I can my knowledge ^^

Schmiede provides an environment where artists can come together, exchange ideas, and learn from each other. Since the event emphasizes on collaboration, it would expose me to a diverse range of artistic expressions, allowing me to expand my horizons and gain inspiration from fellow participants. I believe Schmiede is an exciting opportunity to push my artistic boundaries and expand my creative repertoire.

I heard great things about it through my friends 🙂 I want to meet like minded people who I can work on projects with, realise own ideas, see other ideas develop, embrace the failures and appreciate the pieces that do magic. The concept seems great to me to have this kind of relaxed, sweet and fun incubator that allows the participants to develop professionally and personally.

Luckily a couple of my friends have participated at Schmiede (some many years ago, others in the recent years). I have hear a lot of great things about the environment, the joint and collective work, the freedom of ideas that is rarely given to me in everyday life. I owuld love to It would be a great gain for me to rediscover my creativity away from financial dependencies and losses and to be able to share it with others. 

Because its a great place to create, to network, to charge energy, to meet friends and to be updated in art trends. And especially because Schmiede is a place where one can accomplish most of the crazy ideas that are conceived there.

missing rü

First of all, the people at HCI and from subnet made SO MUCH Werbung. I cannot not apply, it seems to be really nice. Looking forward to building things and learning a lot of new stuff. I am quite new to hacking and I want to learn and explore more about these things. If everybody is as cool as the regulars I met so far, I am also definitely coming to get to know them (better). 

To meet up with the people from last year, focus on a project which otherwise would be dismissed 

My partner got my interest in it because he has been very enthusiastic about it for the last couple of years. And also I have met several people that I feel connected to that participate at the Schmiede and I would love to do some projects together with them. 

Blood serves as the vital foundation of our project, driving our desire to pursue this residency opportunity. Our primary motivation stems from the prospect of collaborating with artists to explore the theme of blood, specifically in relation to our ongoing investigation of cell culture derived from menstrual effluent. With our research already firmly established, we are enthusiastic about expanding the impact of this significant work through diverse artistic mediums.

I really enjoyed being at Schmiede in 2019. Working on new projects/making music, spending time with friends, meeting new people

Because schmiede

The idea of finding artwork within a playground is very familiar to me. Most of my work is realized as the project unfolds, as opposed to something pre-decided. I find this dynamic approach dynamic very revealing about the self and the media in ways that are so interesting and enjoyable. In the context of my collaborators and our project, blood is the actual medium of our project. What motivates us to apply for this residency is to work with artists on the theme of blood, especially related to our research involving cell culture derived from menstrual effluent(blood). Our research has been well established and we are eager to develop the implications of this important work through other art forms.

Schmiede seems to be the perfect space to pick another dream, knowing that probably something even nicer will come true. Also I’m totally on fire to meet the Hallein creative crowd and work together.

Participating since 2018, Schmiede, with its possibilities and encounters, has become a vital part of my yearly schedule and artistic practice that I’m looking forward to. 

I would love to reconnect with Schmiede community – I had many inspiring encounters when I participated in 2016. 

I can not resist

My work is heavily dependent on multiple collaborations in order to be realized, since it is transdisciplinary. I have collaborated with multiple scientists, designers and artists but for the past four years have been working in a rather isolated way as I complete a PhD at the University of Western Australia. Located in Perth, the most remote location on the planet, my possibilities for collaboration have been extremely limited. I would love to have this opportunity to move beyond the PhD silo, and reconnect with the wider maker and thinker communities. 

I have so many ideas in my head for new stories that I want to write. It is difficult for me to find time in everyday life. I would like to use the ten days of Schmiede to sort and write down some of the ideas I had within the last few month. I also believe that the exchange with other creative people will inspire me to new ideas and that I can learn from their experience to find time for creativity apart from paid work.

I enjoy collective production and I want to explore new places and have new experiences.

All*Makers project

networking and inspiration about new projects

I love collaborative working/hacking, learning and sharing knowledge – especially in a DIY context. 

This will be my first Schmiede as a father and I would like to use this time to make something together with and for my daughter.

In my everyday life I utilize my creativity for commissioned projects but miss the time to focus on creating something completely mine, even on a starting level. I have a lot of unfinished ideas and need for creative experimentation and I feel that Schmiede offers the framework (space, time, resources, people) for that to happen in the best possible way. Moreover, it is incredibly inspiring to meet so many different creatives from around the world. 

Schmiede is a place allowing us to focus on developing and constructing. But in comparison to other spaces, it supports creativity and creative problem-solving, through its environment and the diverse people it attracts. By having a goal of creating a physical interactive space, that brings diverse people closer together, Schmiede seems like the perfect place to go to.

Ich habe Lust auf Austausch und Zusammenarbeit. In meiner künstlerischen Auseinandersetzung geht es im moment um das thema “angewiesenheit”. Eine angewiesenheit die nicht Abhängigkeit ist sondern die emanzipatorisch gedacht wird. ich beschäftige mich spezifischer mit der Entwicklung von Dingen und Abläufen die nicht die ökonomische Verwertbarkeit als höchstes Ziel haben sondern eine soziale Angewiesenheit.

get in touch with creative minds

During the last two years, we have collaborated with a school on doing participatory design and gathered a lot of insight on how the school children view technology in their school space. Our goal is to explore this insight and immersive ourselves as designers to build a concrete design during Schmiede, which will later be refined and installed into the physical space of the school that we collaborate with. Furthermore, we would love to engage in discussions and explorations with other participants and attendees during Schmiede about our vision and design.


pic from Schmiede17: Y  #dailyy series