Ideas Schmiede Covid19 etc

What to say when everyone is screaming? 
Please share your ideas.
We will do our best to facilitate. 
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Stay strong, wash your hands, social distancing, please follow the news for that. All channels are full from good advice to conspiracy, spam and scams and I think this is not our space as a community. But what I think might help us, action. 

What I would like to give with this post is a sense of community in times when we are staring at an avalanche of uncertainty. Why? To get out of this state of shock and to start reassembling this shattered year.  

The Smith community is scattered around the globe, let us use this crisis to move closer together, not only in September. 

As a first step I would like to ask you, the Smiths and who feels called, to send us your ideas on what we can do as a community to give ourselves support. In these times we need to be stable. Fear will not help but community will. 

And Schmiede 2020?
Not that it is essential for our current state of affairs, but….

As of today we assume that Schmiede will happen as planned. 

Schmiede20: Pferde / Horses
September 16th – 25th
Application till May 31st.  or