Schmiede23: We got food – order here

With great delight we can announce that we got a Smith food option for 2023.

Crisu and Team will cook for us.

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As in the past we will offer vegetarian towards vegan food.
Breakfast will be like last year, bread, dips and spreads.
Lunch will be vegetarian goulash, vegetable curry,  lentil dal and soups.
We will enhance this information as soon as we can.

Breakfast: 10:30 – 12:00
Lunch: 15:00 – 17:00

Current  menu ideas: 
Coconut curry with vegetables and cinnamon rice
Pasta al Limone with rocket and nuts
Celery steak with gravy and parsley potatoes
Ratatouille with polenta slices and cucumber salad
Potato goulash with rolls
Vegan bolognese with cashew parmesan
Lentil Dal with black cumin rice
Mango curry with raisin couscous
Aloo palak with pita bread
Carrot hot dog with potato salad or coleslaw
Celery schnitzel with potato-lamb’s lettuce and cranberry jam


what is new: We need to preorder.
The KitchenTeam will no longer cook on site but bring the food.

Early Bird Special (all days)
100€ // must be ordered by September 5th.

Early Bird Special
12€ per day x number of days. // must be ordered by September 5th.

Regular (all days)
120€  // can be ordered at the front desk on arrival, but better till September 11th.

Breakfast and Lunch
15€ per day – to be ordered till noon, a day ahead, at the front desk.

Please pay at the front desk on arrival.
Inform us as soon as possible if  there are changes.
info AT schmiedehallein DOT com


Schmiede tries to create many different spaces for exchange. Food at Schmiede has always been an important issue. Eating together brings us closer together and enhances the SchmiedeProcess by eliminating another every day thing.

What started as an outstanding sponsoring by Wiberg in 2008 was transformed into a Smith Project “the asian dub kitchen” by Walter the Great in 2011. When Walter moved to Vienna Walter the Small took over.  Thank you Walters for many luscious years. It took a global pandemic to bring it to a halt. (Der Grosse und der Kleine Walter / they are both equally tall, no clue how their nick names stuck)

pic: last supper in the Tower by Benju (Tower we miss you)