Textile and Sound lab at Schmiede20

We are happy to announce a fresh lab at Schmiede. Focusing on interdiscipline research between sound and textiles.  The Process was initiated in Hintersee between Gertrud Fischbacher and Marius Schebella at ORTung19 (ORTung). It quickly developed into a Mozarteum and FH Salzburg cooperation that lead to winning the Research Competition Mozarteum award in 2019 and now they are coming to Schmiede20. 

The Textile and Sound Lab will challenge Smiths to work on the combination of Textile and Sound. Possible connections between these two domains can be all kinds of transformation processes, mappings between textures and sounds, applying textile work processes to music composition, thinking about concepts like space, loops, transparency, etc. in either domain. Or play with the sound that is created when weaving, knitting, bobbin making, processing plastic, etc. as threads and yarns rustle or rub when sliding through materials, hands, spools or needles. 

Think about knitting, which not only forms textile areas, but also is a repetitive action and creates a constant rhythm (and is also relaxing). Or think of the many examples how textile controllers can be used to generate musical parameters in live performances.

There are plenty of ideas to explore that could eventually lead to a new understanding of either domain (textile/sound) or lead to new ways of artistic expression in their combination.

Schmiede20: Horses
September 16th – 25th
SchmiedeApplication – deadline May 31st

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