Studio 3 lab at Schmiede20

Bridging the distance – Studio 3 will come to Schmiede for the fifth time in a row! Bringing fresh faces and fresh ideas, we intend to bring interaction design from all corners of the field into the Salt Mine!

During the year, Studio 3 is a space to create, share, inspire, talk, discuss, make, think and perform. The Studio itself is part of the Center for Human-Computer Interaction, where about 30 interdisciplinary research the way people and technology successfully and unsuccessfully interact with one another. Studio 3 is both a venue for, and a collective of researchers in the field of HCI, aiming to utilise and facilitate artistic practices as means of (HCI) research.

This year, the Studio 3 Lab will focus on all kinds of interaction: dislocated, wearable, crowd, virtual: you name it, we’ve got it. We will be there to support the projects of other Smiths, to make new connections and to find our own cross sections between art, performance and HCI. We’re looking to push the limits of interaction design experimentation in every way possible.

This year, Studio 3 will be led by Dorothé Smit.

The Studio 3 Lab at Schmiede is an initiative of Martin Murer and the Center for Human-Computer Interaction.

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Schmiede20: Horses

September 16th – 25th
SchmiedeApplication – deadline May 31st

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