CALL – Feral AIR 2020 in Hallein

1500€ Project Grant – art/maker – September – Hallein/Austria
1500€ Arbeitsstipendium –  Künstlerinnen/Maker – September – Hallein

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Reisebeschränkungen oder nicht, wir passen uns an und Feral Lab Network wird 2020 zur Schmiede zurückkehren. Hier ist der begleitende CALL. 

Kommt nach Hallein und arbeitet mit uns in der Saline. 

# Zuschuss von 1.500,- Euro
# Zugang zur Saline im September, Schmiede Hallein und das Feral Lab Network

Feral AIR 2019 Dokumentation
Mit Chun Shao, Antoni Rayzhekov, APNOA

Schmiede20: Pferde / Pferde finden vom 16. bis 25. September statt. SchmiedeApplication ist Voraussetzung. Die Bewerbung ist bereits online und wird 2020 nicht offline genommen. Die Bezugnahme auf Ihre Einreichung in Ihrer Einreichung in der Schmiede-Bewerbung erleichtert uns das Leben.

Das Ziel von Feral AIR ist es, Projekte zwischen den Künsten und der Maker-Bewegung zu verbessern / zu ermöglichen sowie die Interaktionen und Projekte innerhalb des Feral Lab Network zu vertiefen.

The Feral AIR  ist Teil des Feral Lab Networks, welches von Creative Europe ermöglicht wird.

# € 1.500,- für mindestens 3 Wochen Anwesenheit in Hallein
# Möglicher Zeitraum: 1. September bis 5. Oktober 
# Arbeitsraum in der Saline
# Teilnahme an Schmiede20: Pferde / Horses 16. – 25. September
# Anreise, Unterkunft und Verpflegung sind autonom zu tragen. 

# Die Bewerbung soll nicht länger als drei Seiten sein und aus Konzept, Lebenslauf und Referenzen bestehen.
# Auswahl und Vergabe erfolgt über eine unabhängige Jury.
# Die Residency beginnt mit einem öffentlichen Kennenlernen (Meet the Artist, online) und endet mit einer Präsentation und Dokumentation der entstandenen Ergebnisse.
# Das Feral AIR Honorar wird 50% zu Beginn und 50% nach Dokumentation ausgezahlt.

Erwartung: Prozessdokumentation & ausstellbare Arbeit

Saline Pernerinsel //Schmiede Hallein // Schmiede in 5:20

Bewerbungsfrist: 20. Juni 2020

Kontakt: office{at}schmiede{dot}ca


We, the  Feral Lab Network  cannot travel as we please but that should not stop us from working and developing our network, we adapt andwill return to Schmiede in 2020. Here is the accompanying call. 

Come to Hallein and work with us at the Saline. 

Residency + Grant – Hallein – September 2020
Project Development grant for artists / makers

# Grant of 1500, – Euro
# Access to the Saline during September, Schmiede Hallein and the Feral Lab Network

Feral AIR 2019 documentation
with Chun Shao, Antoni Rayzhekov, APNOA

Schmiede20: Pferde / Horses takes place from September 16 to 25. SchmiedeApplication is a prerequisite. The application is already online. Reference to your submission in your  submission in the SchmiedeApplication makes our lives easier.

Share and enjoy: see you in Hallein. 

The aims of Feral AIR is to enhance / enable projects between the arts and the maker movement as well as deepen the interactions and projects amongst the Feral Lab Network. 

The Feral AIR –  is a Feral Lab Network cooperation hosted by Schmiede Hallein enabled by Creative Europe.  

Key data:
# 1,500 for at least 3 weeks in Hallein
# Possible period: September 1st to October 5th
# Work space at the saline
# Schmiede20: Pferde / Horses September 16. – 25.
# Travel, accommodation and meals are to be carried autonomously.

# The application should not be longer than three pages and should consist of a concept, curriculum vitae and references.
# An independent jury selects and awards.
# The residency begins with a public meeting (meet the artist, online) and ends with a presentation and documentation of the results.
# The Feral AIR fee is paid 50% at the beginning and 50% after documentation.

Expectation:  Process documentation & work that can be exhibited

Where: Saline Pernerinsel //Schmiede Hallein // Schmiede in 5:20

Deadline: Juni 20th 2020

contact: office{at}schmiede{dot}ca

Feral Background Info:  ###########################

Feral Lab Network

A network of temporary dislocated hubs for research in art, technology and communities. Six partners from six countries partners will organise a set of actions joined by their common interest into art-science research and contemporary do-it-yourself (DIY) & do-it-with-others (DIWO) communities. Instead on presentational modes like exhibitions and festivals, our main focus well be in connection and organising a series of camps and similar kinds of temporary creative environments, all with a strong emphasis on process-based activities like peer learning, field work, research and co-creation. What these activities have in common is their deliberate setting in a remote environment, away from the usual urban set-up of contemporary Creative Hubs. Partners we will create a variety of temporary creative hubs that vary in scope, format and topics covered, but are all joined by joined methodological starting point. These actions will be further extended and connected via a strong trans-national outreach and media strategy and accompanying developmental and community oriented Artist-In-Residence programmes.

Feral Lab Network partners: 

Zavod Projekt Atol (ZPA) is the convener and initiator of the project. As an organization it has vast and long-standing experience in field work based artistic research all around the world, like the Makrolab, the Arctic Perspective Initiative and Changing Weathers. In 2015 ZPA initiated the Unmanned-Resilience project held at the Gora Plateau and the yearly PIFcamp, held at the Tiglav National Park. 

PIFcamp is a 7-day hacker-base set in Slovenian nature, where art, technology and knowledge meet. PIFcamp is the event in the Slovenian calendar for technology based artists and art organisations.  PIF Call 2019.

Finnish Society of Bioart (FBAS) based in Helsinki, is an organisation developing, producing and facilitating activities around art and natural sciences, with a focus on biology, ecology and life sciences. The Bioartsociety is the motor behind the Ars Bioarctica program which is a long term art&science initiative with a focus on the sub Arctic environment. The activities of Ars Bioarctica encompass the Ars Bioarctica residency programm, the Field_Notes field laboratories, specific workshops and educational services for University programs. 

“Field_Notes – The Heavens” is taking place at the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station of the University of Helsinki in Lapland Finland. It is a one-week long art&science field laboratory. During the workweek, five groups composed of artists, scientists and other practitioners, led by expert hosts will develop, test and evaluate specific artistic approaches, based on the specific questions towards the heavens. / Zagreb Makerspace organized numerous international hackathons and off-the-grid labs in the nature, combining contemporary practices of maker scene and (new) media arts with innovative use of natural resources. The lab nurtures access to knowledge and sharable cutting-edge practices in order to enhance creative processes and expression for all: the artists, the makers and the micro-communities. 

Electric Wonderlands Camp will gather international guests – lecturers, workshop facilitators, makers / hackers, intermedia artists, technologists, designers, scientists, engineers and DIY tinkerers. The aim of the week-long camp is to to create environment for fostering development of creative practices in the fields of hybrid arts in the wider context of DIY and DIWO cultures. 

CATCH is a recently initiated greenhouse for creative students with creativity, skills and ambitions to be part of a unique, multi-disciplinary environment in Helsingør. CATCH can be anchored in Helsingør’s dynamic cultural harbor, where students have the opportunity to connect theory with practice – in a meeting with real needs and premises from private and public companies and organizations that have challenges to be solved. / Digital Art International is  both a producer and distributor of digital artworks and connected objects, was named Innovative Young Enterprise in 2014 and has launched a new media about the maker movement: Makery, media for all labs, an on-line media published in English and French. Makery, with its open-map referencing more than 1000 international fablabs, hackerspaces, medialabs, artlabs, and other third-places and creative hubs, is the platform for keeping abreast of innovations emerging from labs around the world, the scouting tool of new trends in digital fabrication, DIY culture and knowledge sharing. With its 50,000 unique visitors per month, Makery’s participation in the FeralLab consortium will help to reach an immense non-institutional audience, but even more importantly, will be able to reach places and communities engaged in the makers movement, non-formal education and open laboratories around the world. 

and us, Schmiede

enabled by Creative Europe