Tozzi in Vienna


Remember the Romantic Machine. Now Manuel takes up the sticky glove and searches for neverdad.

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Opening: Tue 19.12., 19h | MQ Raum D

The exhibition STICKY GLOVES by Manuel Tozzi is a combination of improvised metaphors and visual poetry about a grandfather, he “never had”. With the figure, Tozzi examines how virtual images of the absent are recreated, constructed and passed on through narratives and memories. He is also interested in how these images resonate in western, patriarchal culture.

With white gloves, icons of animated films that strongly influenced the artist’s childhood, the legacy is treated like an archive. In the attempt to decode the absent, they, the gloves, the present, themselves become an encryption.
Instead of following linear narratives, the narrative, like memories, is spatio-temporally unfinished. Here and there it fades, only to be propelled anew in the next moment by a distorted Elvis Presley ballad or the movements of an animated key. The work raises the question of what actually passes through the threshold of our perception when we have images before our eyes.