CALL: PIF Camp 2024 till April 14th

PIFcamp is an outstanding initiative, an off the grid alpine hacking camp in the breathtaking Soča valley. There are many paralleles with Schmiede but what are words. take a look

PIF Application  is open till April 14th

We can only recommend this outstanding, compact as well as diverse experience with dedicated artists and hackers from all around.  Schmiede is partnering with PIFcamp in our Creative Europe project Rewilding Cultures.  At Schmieden Rewilding Cultures is known as Ferallab and FeralAIR 2019 2020 2022 2023

PIFcamp is a 7-day international summer camp in the Slovenian nature, where art, technology and knowledge meet. The participants of the camp take the leading part in holding workshops, practical field trips, theoretical lectures and on-sight briefings and actively participate in the development of various DIY projects, while collaborating together in a creative working environment. In DIY, DIWO and DITO manner!

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