WelcomeEmails sent

Dear future Smiths,

WelcomeEmails were sent. Please check your spam folder before you contact us about your missing WelcomeEmail. This is a problem we cannot shake, sorry for the inconvenience.

We will send an sms to the emails that bounced.

And for the summer we constructed a few highly valuable and limited profile frames for fb and insta. search for “Schmiede” “Wolfgang” “Horses”.
In case you want to do better and/or funnier, please :), here is the open eps.

see you in Hallein for Schmiede20: Horses September 16th – 25th.

in case you got a friend who forgot to apply etc. – application is open.
If uncertain: contact us via our office email (schmiede.ca), once your application is submitted.

Currently we are counting over 170 Smiths. A very happy 2020 number.