Schmiede Infosession Vienna: MAY 19.

In case you are not familiar with Schmiede, want to get familiar with our AIR/Call possibilities or just wanna see fellow Smiths, we full heartedly invite you to join us on Sunday May 19th  (door open 18:00) in Vienna at Westbahnstudios.
Preysinggasse 5, Innenhof 1150 Wien

Slothsessions will commence with  Sloth Talks: 

A brief slothy hello from Rüdiger,
slothed by Karla who is heading EU Projects at Schmiede in general and currently  FeralLab (Rewilding Cultures) and FeralAIR.
Maria and Thomas will give slothspective. Their bloody AkademieAIR experience at Schmiede23.


Musical Sloths: 

El Laicho Rapido (as seen at Schmiede23 and 12, but slothier) 
Laserbeam Fenderson & Hansi4D (as seen at Schmiede but many more slothscopes,
Vienna Struggle Drone Choir  (slothing ever since first blood,

sloths do not excuse, they sloth.
Schmiede24: Sloth
September 11. – 21. 2024
Apply till May 31.
Sloth you in Hallein.

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