CALL: FeralAIR 2024 deadline MAY 31st for SEP


Come to Hallein and work with us at the Saline. We offer an open residency + project development grant in Hallein for artists / makers, work space in September 2024, presentation at the Schmiede and networking possibilities.The aim of feralAIR is to enhance and  enable projects between the art, technology and the maker movement as well as to deepen the interactions and projects amongst the Rewilding Cultures Network.

Key data:
# 1,000.- artist fee for up to 3 weeks in Hallein
# Material costs, travel and accommodation are supported
# Possible period: September 1st to October 5th
# Work space at the Saline in Hallein in September.
# Access to the Schmiede and Feral Networks.
# Participation at Schmiede24:  Sloth September 11.– 21. 2024, Hallein, Austria 

# Send your complete application to euprojects{at}schmiedehallein{dot}com by May 31st
# The application should not be longer than three pages and should consist of a concept for the residency, curriculum vitae and references.
# An independent jury selects and awards.
# The residency includes a public introductory talk (meet the artist) and ends with a presentation and documentation of the results.
# The Feral AIR fee is paid 50% at the beginning and 50% after receival of the project documentation.

Expectation:  Process documentation and/or work that can be exhibited

Where: Saline Pernerinsel //Schmiede Hallein // Schmiede in 5:20

Deadline: May 31st 2024


Got questions? euprojects{at}schmiedehallein{dot}com

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The Feral AIR –  is a Feral Lab Network cooperation hosted by Schmiede Hallein enabled by  Creative Europe.


Background Info:  ###########################

Schmiede24: Sloth
September 11. – 21. 2024
Hallein, Austria

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Rewilding Cultures builds on the solid ground established by the Feral Labs Network and extends the our lab based network by adding two more feral content pillars. The pillars being: Residencies and Knowledge.

Feral Residency programmes will support and extend Feral formats, and will be a cornerstone for growing deeper community ties by working with our local communities or hubs. They will enable continuation of work started within Feral Labs and will augment the capacities of the Feral Labs.

Feral Knowledge will enhance the Feral Nodebooks and pair it with the internationally renowned art-science-technology conference series TTT (Taboo-Transgression-Transcendence in Art & Science). Rewilding Cultures will enable the organizers of the TTT conference series to create a new series of events, based on the Feral Labs model. The proposal is to organize TTTlabs, as annual satellite events of TTT, interdisciplinary research incubators and thinking tanks dedicated to bending the boundaries of art, science and technology while exploring alternative sources of communicating knowledge.

Both mix and offer space for theory and practice, both are places of reflection, discussion and speculation and are crucial dissemination tools, cultivating and rewilding our (Feral) activities.

Feral Lab Network was outstanding and therefore we are super thankful to Creative Europe  for letting us continue with the Rewilding Cultures project.

Rewilding partners: 

The participant organisations stem from eight European countries:
TTT – Greece
MAKERY – France

enabled by Creative Europe

Pic Patrícia Chamrazová Remains of Tomorrow by Matthias Gruber