Crafting Realities Lab at Schmiede24

Crafting a fresh lab. We are slothing from excitement.
Thank you Mascha and Nathalia for the initiative.
This sounds very intriguing and on time. We are looking slothward.
Lab Description:
Over the past three decades, significant portions of our reality have transitioned into digital and artificial realms. Our methods of communication, interaction, learning, work, and participation have all been profoundly affected. In the Crafting Realities Lab, we want to imagine new critical, artistic, (more-than) human-centered, analogue or hybrid realities. We are curious to intersect materials, game and playful interactions, textiles, bodies and technologies, sound and sloth. We are a collection of returning Smiths from the Department of Creative Technologies at FH Salzburg that have worked on various projects over the years. By forming a lab, we offer a space to explore together with other Smiths. We will bring, for example, AR/VR hardware, projection technology, sewing machine and textile tools, sound equipment, sensory, and our expertise in using them. We are ready to collaborate, support and learn through diverse projects. We offer a playground to reflect, disrupt, re-develop, and  explore the limits in the way we see and engineer our life.   
Schmiede24: Sloth
September 11. – 21. 2024
Apply till May 31.
we collect calls that might support your process here:
AkademieAIR and FeralAIR will deadline on May 31st.