Steph on another expert panel + TV

Is the revolution devours its children? How AI is changing the film and media industry.

Der Standard and FH St Pölten will broadcast the discussion tomorrow JUN6 at 13:00 sign up here.

The experts at the c-tv conference on TH JUN6 13:00

The experts at the c-tv conference on Thursday

Matthias Hornschuh is a composer, publicist and university lecturer. He is committed to culture, media, society and particularly to the rights of creative people and warns of the effects of unregulated AI on art and society. In his lecture he will talk about the challenges that AI has on society, especially on creative activities in culture and media.

Djordje Slijepčević conducts research at the Institute for Creative Media/Technologies (ICMT) at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. His main research areas include machine learning, explainable artificial intelligence, computers, vision and time series analysis. The Trust AI project aims to provide more transparency and contribute to building trust through intuitive explanations.

Stephanie Meisl, media artist and co-founder of D#AVANTGARDE, talks about the integration of AI in film and art.

Philipp Eibl, head of the media production software group at Fraunhofer IIS, addresses the challenges of AI-supported localization of films and series.

Stefan Kollinger, Innovation Officer at ORF, shows how artificial intelligence and content come together at ORF.

Lukas Strummer, developer of ViRTU (creareX), discusses the democratization of the media landscape through hybrid and cloud-based workflows.

and on a slothal note: Steph we are getting worried. Do we need to plan an intervention in Slothallein?