Schmiede Green Event Salzburg

Schmiede is now an official Green Event Salzburg.

Nothing will really change in Hallein.

The SchmiedeKitchen will cook vegan as far as possible with regional and seasonal supplies. We will continue to encourage public transport, car sharing, recycling, reusable containers and energy efficiency in all our endeavours. We hope you as well.

Schmied has always been an equality seeking and accessible event.

Now we got the certificate / logo to prove it. all boxes checked 🙂

So please continue to help us help us and make it all in all a better place.

see you in Slothallein 🙂 for some green deceleration.


on a general note:

Welcome emails will go out on June 15th.

Late application will open then as well.

Currently we are counting close to 200 Slothsmiths for 2024.