WAR and Meaning #1

We are slowly growing our collection of reflections about WAR. 

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Schmiede21: WAR
September 22. – October 2. 2021
Application ends May 31.

here is our first pile of about 200 meanings and views:
We took them as they came. We did not separate languages.
As of today most is English and German, but any language is welcome. 

We Are Right
We Are Recontextualizing
war wie gewesen
Worry as relieve
War  (German)
Wo alle riechen
Was alle riechen
Wie alle riechen
Warum alle riechen
Wann alle riechen
Wir alle riechen
Was alle riechen
Wo andere riechen
Was andere riechen
Wie andere riechen
Warum andere riechen
Wann andere riechen
Wir andere riechen
Was andere riechen
Warschaus anzüglichste region
Wiens anzüglichste region
Wiens anzüglichste region
Wiener Arschloch Reizer
Wenn aber richtig
Wassibauer arbeiten richtig
Wasser abwärts richtig
Wir angeln Respekt
We agree, really
Worry as Ruler
We abandoned reality
We abandoned reality
We all read
Why all read
What all read
Magic is real
Wars Are Retarded
When all return
We are righteous
When all right
Why aliens return
Where animals roam
Where ants roam
We are rule
Worried animals run
We are respect
We all respect
We are right
why animals run
when all returns
weniger als richtig
why not PEACE?
was alle richten
worrying as reality
weiter arbeiten rüdiger
war alles romatnik
wünsche angenehme ruhe
Wassibauers are real
winning and reasoning
Which Area Rules
World As Reality
Words As Reality
Wir arbeiten richtig
wien am rhein
wahr aber richtig
wundern auch rehe
weisse aale rauchen
warum alle rauchen
I like PEACE not war ..
war as reason
worrying as reason
worrying asked reason
wichsen als Realität
Wein aus Rumänien
winning anal recreation
wilde Ameisen Rezepte
wired ant recipes
Water Air Rum
War mal
Women Art Refugees
What A Routine
What A Ride
Wild Authentic Relating
Wilhelm angelt Rothaarige
wombat anger retreat
wombat am rand
Wale aalen röchelnd
Wirkliche Angst Richtet
wirklich ausser rechts
wilhelm ausser rand
wir alle rappen
what another respects
The absence of peace.
Politics with less peaceful means.
Dispute. End Times..
We are reflections
Waters are reflecting
We Are Ready
Wille am rand
warum a richtig
will auch rein
will alle reiben
will alles richten
wasser auge rauch
walnüsse aus ruanda
walnüsse aus rumänien
Women are right
Women are righter
women arbeiten richtig
wohnen aber richtig
warum aber ratte
wahnsinn aber ratte
w als resource
will alle reimen
wissen alle reichen
Witz als Reaktion
Was approximately right
What a ride
Weich aber reich
woman are right
women are right
Wiebitte auch richtig
Wohin alle raeumen
Wir angeln reihnanken
Wiener Arschloch Rechte
World alliance rapture
Welt aller Richtungen
W a richtig
Werwölfe Aboleth Rakshasa
Werwolf  Aboleth Rakshasa
Werwolf  Aboleth Rakshasa
Will auch radfahren
Words are righter
Words are right
Worte aeussern richtung
Will auch reiten
Will auch roden
Will auch rodeln
western assimilation ritual
wars are retarded
where archers reach
war as retreat
wisdom abandoned race
weird amplifies radical
weird amusing ride
wicked assholes replicate
wicked asshole recycling
wicked assholes redneck
wicked asshole rims
worst anal reason
want anal recreation
wicked anal rod
woozy ancestral register
wording as reflection
widespread affirmation rodeo
women are rats
wolves are rats
wolfs are real
wolf as remedy
wolves are running
wacky anagram riddle
Wolfgang Amb Ross
Wolfgang Ambross Reime
wide area reflections
präteritum von sein
what about rubber
White aerobic recruit
weak agenda rabbi
wars are retarded
wars are right
willfully asleep rainbow
widespread ape ritual
wondering ATM riot
Wassibauer Aber Richtig
went across riverbed
warranty applies reluctantly
wind already removed
wine advancement rhapsody
why are rights
we are righter
bamm bamm bamm
window argument reality
War is conflict that’s not resolved peacefully. But it goes beyond physical violence. Much more predominant is the information war. Asymetric information, fake news, and non-confirmable data – together with censorship make it almost impossible for most people to have a clear vision what is going on the world. This war has many victims as confusion divides us and leads to a loss of trust in everyone.
white ape rising
wondering all reason
wet ape rumore
werewolf assimilation run
whiplash anxious Russian
whiskey and rum
watermarks are retro
waterfront anxiety ritual
wistful accumulation rut
whichever alarm rhythm
whiff aware resolution
watertight arduous recreation
withdrawing avowal reply
whiskey and rye
water and rice
water and rye
water and repeat
water and recreation
water avocado revolution
whiny American Renaissance
whiny American riot
whiny American Revolution
whinny alligator recount