WAR and meaning #9

Tuesday I am in love.
Please keep on sharing meaning here.
Together we can be much more meaning.

Meaning is created by the beholder.
With this in mind, we want to see what you think and feel when you read the three letters W A R.

There are a few very obvious answers but there are much and many more.
Therefore, help us and play with us by sharing your personal perspective(s) here:

Don’t hold back. Let the opinions flow.

here is our ninth batch:

if you read meaning backwards
on a stairways and with a popstickel in your nostrils
it spills.
Women are righter
Wide areal roughness
Winning and recreation
Warrior ant retreat
Immer diese Fragen
Warum auch richtig
Wasser auch Rosen
Will auch rüber
Wilhelm aufm Rad


We continue meaning till you come

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see you in Hallein.

Schmiede21: WAR
September 22. – October 2. 2021
Application ends May 31.

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