Thanks for all the applications

We are very excited to announce that pandemic or not we broke the 100 applications mark.

We are reading. Welcome emails will be send on June 15th.

Thanks for your continuous interest in Schmiede. We cannot wait to meet you all in Hallein.

LateApplication is open till July 5th.
Friends tell friends about Schmiede.

The WAR Reflector Collector is still there to take whatever opinion, fear or perception you got on your mind off the same.

The experiment about the WAR and meaning is on its 12th post and nudging towards 400, but there is so much more.

To our collective surprise there is not a single wrong opinion as of today. Please surprise us.

So I guess we have not  deviated from our path hence WE ARE RIGHT.

And in case you are still reading, here are some Schmiede21 related calls all deadlined for June 20th

Prix Robert



see you in Hallein for YnselZeit and Schmiede.