V2_ Summer Session in Hallein

We are very happy to announce a fresh beginning.

Schmiede joint the V2_ Summer Sessions program.

Our hosted artist in 2021 will be Thu Trang Ha 

For her summer session Thu Trang Eva Ha will come to Hallein and work on her project:

Underground resistance – A story of a Fungi.

She will focus on the process of symbiosis by using artistic research methods to investigate fungi life on stage and translates their bioactivity.

You might remember Thu Trang Eva Ha from her outstanding Yard performances over the past years. more: shinsekai.club

the other partners are:

國立臺灣美術館 National Taiwan Museum of Fine ArtsHangar.org아트센터 나비 art center nabiUdruga MetamedijPoints Center for Contemporary ArtTabakaleraiMALWinzavodTeatro Sardegna, Lemon Grass/Espronceda,SchmiedeSineglossaLe Serre