Schmiede22: Labs: sum up

If you like it so much then you should have made it into a lab.


May we present the happy polyunions of ideas, determination, Smiths and Schmiede22:

Mz*Baltazar’s Lab

Textile and Sound Lab

Studio 3 Lab


Sound Accomplices Lab

AnvilDAO Lab

Analogue Accomplices Lab

Experimental Science Visualization Lab


Meme War Lab


let us all happily fail fast forward together and make flowers bloom.


Schmiede22: Sündenbock
September 14. – 24. 2022
Hallein, Austria

a lab at Schmiede basics

A lab at Schmiede is a small specialised Schmiede within Schmiede, an interest group with a defined space. A lab can be many things and formations. How it differs from a large project from my point of view is its openness and process focus. Labs do not get done, they work on a topic at hand. They invite people to join. There is no ownership but sharemenship/sharewomenship