Questions about Schmiede23 – Infosessions

Schmiede23 application is moving well. (Deadline is May 31st) Schmiede participation is best with trustful commitment on all sides. In order to overcome the question marks you might have about Schmiede and your time in Hallein we provide Infosessions. Infosessions allow a personal and deeper look into the whats and hows of Schmiede and why we recommend becoming a Smith.

The Infosessions are traditionally set up with a short Intro by Rüdiger followed by Smith experiences and a QnA.

Schmiede Infosession Salzburg @ Shakespeare Salzburg on Fr. April 28th 20:00

Schmiede Infosession Vienna @ ada on Mo. May 1st 19:00


Schmiede23: Blood 
September 13. – 23. 2023
Apply till May 31st


Other dates: Rüdiger will travel  to Corfu for TTTfellows: Art and Science Residency  (May 4th till May 15th) followed by a University tour in Cologne (May 16th and 17th). In early June 5-11 he will be at Colonie du Phare, Ile-de-Batz  ARTLABO RETREAT contact him on schmiedeATschmiedehalleinDOTcom if you  wanna meet.


pic by tonimijac from Boiler Schmiede22