Thank you Roger and Makery

Dear Roger thank you for finding such kind words.
Thank you for painting pictures/animations of the Smiths.
We feel seen. Hope to see read and hear more in the future.


Schmiede is a place with huge and powerful energy. If this energy were to be misused, or it went out of control, it would end up in havoc. Schmiede needs to be a very safe place. And that’s exactly how it feels: safe. Safe for artists of all kinds, origins, and interests to develop their artwork and ideas without worrying about anything else than the task they have at hand. …..This takes off all the pressure on creative souls and allows them to get out without fear, letting them interact with each other, feeding back and forth creative energy and generating a contagious flow I have rarely seen elsewhere.
It’s no easy task to keep this energy both flowing and contained at the same time. Just as Smiths are masters at their art, Schmiede organisers are no less good at theirs. ….. Eva Perner is the head organiser, accompanied by team members Eleonor Nobili, Alex Grüner and Dominik Schönauer. Volunteers also assist in specific tasks, when needed. Everyone attending Schmiede seems to know how things should be. There are few rules, but no one, none of the dozens of people gathered there, seem to be willing to break any of them. The Schmiede machinery is very well oiled. Organisers are there but one can hardly notice they are the keepers of order, yet order prevails, and everything works. They are the hands that hold the creative explosion within bounds, without extinguishing it. Artists themselves seem to be very aware of this unstable equilibrium and are willing to keep it that way. This year’s Schmiede theme was: Blood. more on the Smiths of Blood

Schmiede24: Sloth
September 11. – 21. 2024
Apply till May 31st


Schmiede pictures and reels

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