Analogue Accomplices Lab at Schmiede24

No slothing matter: Analogue Accomplices Lab

Accomplices – association for the exploration of multimedia forms of expression offers analogue islands amids the raging storms of A.I. development. We take a dive into photographer Ivanka Penjak`s visual worlds and artistic practice. (Artist Talk „Die Gorkbauers fokussieren Ivanka Penjak“, portrait sessions with accomplices`employees of the month Clara Frühwirth enchants Schmiede with her illustrations. Dr. phil. Gut. Bernd invites Smiths to dare wrestling in the muds of philosophy with him („Die Lese. Philosophielesekreis“) and enters Schmiede with a bag full of records to live up to his self description („Schallplattenunterhalter“ )

Analogue Accomplices Lab Lab leaders: Ivanka Penjak, Bernd Gutmannsbauer, Clara Frühwirth

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Schmiede24: Sloth
September 11. – 21. 2024
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