WAR and meaning #13

Soooo today we found another gem on our path to Hallein, 42 and it all.

As pointed out on March 3rd WAR and meaning #5 :
All the numbers point to the correct answer.
wakey wakey.

A great time to point to our quest for meaning.

Reflector collector was fed with the the following opinions:

Wait another round

Waves are roaring

walross ausrottungs romantik

An armed conflict between nations

we are ravenous

no answers

Wallach all reconstruction

21 + 21 is 42

– + – = +

W(e) A(re) R(ebellious)

please keep on feeding your perceptions, opinions and emotions to our hungry hippo, there is never enough out there.


on other notes:

Application replies were sent on June 15th.
In case you did not receive anything: please contact info@schmiedehallein.com

YnselZeit’s program (September 1st till October 2nd) is in the works. more soon.

MiniSchmiede (September 18th and 19th) is filling up.

Schmiede21: WAR (September 22nd – October 2nd) is picking up speed.
The program is to be released in later August.
Starting next year we will close Application with a deadline again, but as this year is all but whatever we try to take it as easy as possible. Still: in case you fill out an application, like now.  Once on the list you are on the list, but there is the chance that you fall through the cracks of summer. Meaning: WELCOME email might not be sent before September. So if you do not like uncertainty better contact info@schmiedehallein.com once you have submitted.

We are very much looking forward seeing you all soon and again.

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