Labs at Schmiede24

Sloth by sloth Schmiede emerges.
In case you want to host a lab at Schmiede, about now is the time to contact us. office AT schmiedehallein DOT com

All sloths are welcome.
Application is necessary.

Schmiede24: Sloth
SEP 11. – 21. 2024
Apply till MAY 31.

Replies will be sent on JUN 15th.

Here is the frame for labs at Schmiede:

Labs at Schmiede:

Schmieden is the playground of ideas, peer2peer learning and prototyping. Hence we strive for cooperation and diversity. Focus groups at Schmiede are organised as labs.  Like everything at Schmiede also labs are autonomous. To be more precise: Labs are focused Schmiedes within Schmiede. Yes you could do a lab on spot whenever. However for Schmiede to provide support we need to talk ahead of time, in May, earlier better.

Labs at Schmiede are gathering points and islands of interest within Schmiede, bridging projects, labs and Smiths. A lab can focus on anything of interest to you, the lab leaders. Smiths with an understanding or strong focus on the content in question take action to create more. By creating a lab at Schmiede you open the door to bring together peers and support each other and your interest.

LabLeaders are Smiths Smiths can talk to if they need direction on how to approach a challenge or who to talk to with connection with the lab.

Depending on external partnerships and funds, labs can vary in size, services and complexity. Schmiede itself provides space and infrastructure at Schmiede and supports communications leading up to Schmiede.

There are labs that focus on a niche, interest or skill set. Another version is a project focused lab, which acts more like an open project development group or think/do tank. We assume there are many more possible versions.

LabLeaders do not have the obligation to solve or work on others’ problems or projects but should direct them to Smiths who can help. Honoring SchmiedeRuleOne: The autonomy of Smith must not be undermined.

LabLeaders’ priority is to create value for themselves and only as a secondary consideration for Schmiede.  Our point of view: The better a lab works for the LabLeaders the better it is for Schmiede. The better Schmiede is the better are the participating Smiths and the emerging labs.

Schmiede provides for Labs:
# feature by Schmiede
# defined space at Schmiede
# supports communications leading up to Schmiede
# supports visibility leading up to Schmiede
# supports finding financial as well as infrastructural partners for labs

What Schmiede needs from the LabLeaders:
# One LabLeader needs to be the primary contact person for the SchmiedeCoreTeam.
# Lab documentation (Format will depend on the lab, we will talk, don’t worry).
This is more for the development of the Lab than for Schmiede, as we document the general process autonomously as well. However Lab documentations are very welcome and help the SchmiedeCoreTeam to understand Schmiede better.

On day two of Schmiede we will host open LabPresentations.
Every Lab has the possibility to present themselves and their focus.

# LabLeaders intro meeting (probably on day one in the morning).
# LabLeader feedback form and feedback meeting.

How to do a lab at Schmiede:

# Step one:
A LabLeader needs a good understanding of  the SchmiedeContext.
LabLeaders should be returning Smiths.

# Step two:
Official labs at Schmiede must be accorded with Rüdiger, the early the better, and featured by Schmiede no later than May 20th (for visibility in the current SchmiedeApplicationProcess).

# Step three:
In order to “support finding financial as well as infrastructural partners for labs” we advice for early communications with Rüdiger. (Fall/Winter, no later than in March).

Depending on external partnerships, funds and motivation, labs can vary in size, services and complexity.
For example: Talks, Workshops etc are welcome, however Schmiede’s budget cannot financially support the initiative. So they can be held on a goodwill basis, ask a fee from workshop participants or have a financing partner. Schmiede is happy to facilitate and support the quest for this partner, however the initiative must come from the LabLeaders. These LabPartners can then be featured online as well as in our print program.


Everyone needs to apply in order to participate at Schmiede.
Everyone needs to pay the application processing fee.
LabLeaders can bill Schmiede 150€ (incl. tax) each as a refund.
There can be up to three LabLeaders per SmithLab.

so in case you wanna get with the IT sloths – sloth a lab.

Steph is even taking tennis courses with her spiritual animal to up her game for AI & Web3 Lab

SchmiedeApplication – deadline May 31st

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Questions about SchmiedeLabs?
Contact us – Office AT schmiedehallein DOT com

visual used by: Hidéo SNES

and Hidéo SNES also found very nice words: it’s an annual digital & media art bonanza and festival at an old salt refinery in Salzburg, lasting 10 days in autumn. And it’s among the most generally welcoming, inspiring and 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 firendly places I’ve seen in a long time. / The application is open until mid May. Join Schmiede “Sloth” 2024!

we are all about sloth of mouth. Smiths make Schmiede. Sloth, Blood, WAR, etc… all you. bring and tell your friendly sloths.